Friday, January 24, 2014

Nude Beaches on Culebra, Puerto Rico

Are there any nude beaches in Culebra?

Many people wonder if there are any nude beaches on Culebra or if Flamenco beach has a nude sunbathing section.  The official answer is no.  There are no official nude beaches on the island of Culebra and Flamenco beach does not have a nude section.

With that being said, there are places that some people who sometimes sunbathe nude around the island of Culebra.  While sunbathing in the nude will get you in trouble on Flamenco beach and is not advised, there are many private areas that can be reached where sunbathing in the nude should not be a problem.

One of these areas is near Playa Tamarindo.  Once you reach the beach, follow the sand to the rocky section.  On the other side is a somewhat private area where people have been known to sunbathe in the nude.  If the area is too busy, you can continue past the rocks and head further away from the crowds and find privacy.  One of the amazing things about Culebra is that there are many beaches free of crowds.

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