Friday, January 25, 2013

The Best Guidebooks for Visiting Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico (Regional Travel Guide)

-Lonely Planet Guide Books

This is probably the #1 book that people purchase when going to Puerto Rico.  Not only does this book contain a great deal of information on Culebra, but it also covers the island of Puerto Rico itself in great detail.  There are plenty of maps and information to make a trip to Puerto Rico a successful one.

I recommend having a guide book when visiting Puerto Rico (or anyplace you may visit) for a variety of reasons.  First, a guidebook will lessen the hassle out of traveling.  Knowing what to expect will save you money.  A good guide will give you an idea how to get from place to place, what to expect to pay at various places, and various ways to get from place to place.

The Lonely Planet Puerto Rico guide is filled to the brim with information that will help you get the most out of your trip.  No matter how you are traveling -- whether it be alone on a camping adventure, or with a family looking for adventure -- this book has something for you.  With the Lonely Planet Puerto Rico guide, you will be able to maximize the time you spend on the island.

With this book, you can decide:

  • Which part of Puerto Rico do you want to visit?  
  • What areas of Puerto Rico are good for children?
  • Do you want to bike ride or hike while on the island?  This guide will show you where the best spots are.
  • Do you enjoy an alternative lifestyle?  This book will show you the hot spots and the up and coming places to visit while in Puerto Rico.
  • How to live like the locals.  Where do the local Puerto Ricans enjoy visiting and what do they recommend when visiting their island?
  • What restaurants are truly unique?  Where to find the best Puerto Rican food?
  • What is Puerto Rican street food like?  What should you expect to pay?
  • Are there any dangerous areas in Puerto Rico or any other nuisances you should be aware of?
  • What is local Puerto Rican food like?  
If you have never been to Puerto Rico before or even if you have been to the island a few times, this is perhaps the best book you can find on Puerto Rico.

The Rough Guide to Puerto Rico

If you are on a budget and going to Puerto Rico, this guide may be better for you than the Lonely Planet guide that is reviewed above.  The rough guide is written more towards the backpacker and budget traveler and contains much of the same information that the Lonely Planet guide contains.

Where this book shines is how it points you towards the cheaper restaurants.  If you are traveling without wanting to spend a lot on food, many of the more expensive restaurants in the Lonely Planet guide may be irrelevant to you.  The Rough guide also holds a great deal of information on the island of Culebra as well as Vieques (and other smaller islands around Puerto Rico).

The Rough Guide to Puerto Rico also gives a great deal of cultural information on the island, which makes it a great way to learn something about the people of this great island before you visit.

Explorer's Guide San Juan, Vieques & Culebra: A Great Destination (Second Edition) (Explorer's Great Destinations)

If you are going to Puerto Rico only to visit Culebra or Vieques, this is a great book.  The book also has information on San Juan (as most people visiting the outlying islands will be passing through San Juan, and the city is highly worth exploring).  This book has a wealth of information available for a person who wants to know just about everything about Culebra and Vieques.

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